Mașină de tăiat cu plasmă cnc 1300x2500mm cu mașini de tăiat cu plasmă cnc folosite la costuri reduse

mașină de tăiat cu plasmă cnc second-hand


1. Small cutting gap, no residua.
2. High cutting speed, high accuracy and low cost
3. Advanced CNC control system, Auto Arc, arcing success rate over 99%
4. Support G code files of Ucancam, ARTCAM, Typ3 software. also support DXF files of AUTOCAD by transfer software. Control system supports U disk file transfer, easy operation.
5. Adopt well known plasma power supply and domestic cutting torch.

Materiale aplicabile:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheets, titanium plates and other non-ferrous metal, etc.

Applicable industries:

Advertising signs and crafts, machinery, automobile, locomotive, electrical accessories, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel etc.

Detalii rapide

Stare: Nou
Voltage: 380V
Rated Power: 100A
Dimension(L*W*H): Machine Model
Greutate: 1500 kg
Certification: CE ISO9001 FDA
Warranty: one year
Servicii post-vânzare furnizate: Ingineri disponibili pentru mașini de service peste mări
Working Area(X,Y): 1300x2500mm
X Y Guide Rail: imported square guide rail
X,Y,Z axis Driving system: Stepper motor
Control System: English Start controller
Cutting thickness: 7mm steel
Plasma Generator: 60A LGK plasma generator
Cutting Speed: 0-8000mm/min
Software: Fastcam
Air compressor: 3kw

Parametri tehnici:

1Working Area(X,Y)1300×2500mm1500×3000mm
2Machine StructureCast iron
3X Y Guide Railhigh precision linear guide
4X Y TransmissionImported rack gears


5X\Y\Z Axis DriverStepper motor
6Sistem de controlDSP control system(optional NC-studio)
7Working DictateG. Code
8Grosimea tăierii7mm steel
9Materiale aplicabileSteel, Stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheets, titanium plates and other non-ferrous metal, etc
10Plasma Generator60A China LGK power generator (optional 100A, 160A power generator)


11Cutting Precision≤1.0mm
12Viteză de tăiere0-8000mm / min
13Putere brută≤9KW
14Document Transmission FormInterfață USB
15Working FormUntouched Arc Striking
16Tensiune de lucru3 Phase, 380V, 50hz
18Packing Size354x215x150cm371x228x150cm
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